Green Building

Server Farms: How Biggest Resource Users Drive Sustainable Innovation

The data processing industry, is one of the biggest resource users, but is making its mark on efficiency innovation.

Zero Carbon Buildings that Generate their own Energy

Tata Steel Europe is helping design buildings that will generate their own power with zero carbon emissions. HQ Goes Green

The new headquarters for in South Lake Union in Seattle marks a new era of creating sustainable work environments in the region. Vulcan Real Estate, the company that is building the project completed the fourth phase of the 1.7 million square feet headquarters for Nine out of ten buildings that are a part of the complex are now ready.

Asia Gearing Up for Green Building Construction Boom

The demand for green offices and buildings with energy efficiency systems is on the rise in Asia.

IBM Focuses on the Green Building Industry with Tririga Software

IBM is buying out TRIRIGA, a specialist software developer for the green building industry.

Net Zero Energy Homes: Generate Renewable Energy in Your Home

Potterhill Homes launches Net Zero Energy homes that can potentially bring down your home energy costs to zero.

Merck Shines with Green Energy Systems for its Buildings

Merck leads in sustainable performance on several fronts, including energy-efficiency solutions for its buildings.

GE Helping Homebuilders to Design Eco-friendly Homes

GE is making significant contributions to the green building industry using its innovative technologies.

Starbucks Gets Greener Stores

Starbucks pursues its ambitious goal of achieving LEED certification globally for all its new company-owned stores.

Building Green: FedEx Shows the Way

FedEx has been consistently working towards creating energy-efficient and environment-friendly building facilities.


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