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Commercial Culture

Are there any common spaces where advertising should not exist?

Needs vs Wants

How much of the stuff that we have do we actually need. Is giving up the next gadget part of ethical consumerism?

Hannah Montana Bananas? Oy veh.

Is Disney taking the right approach towards ethical consumption?

Start your own Green Investment Fund

A six step process for starting your own green investment fund.

Earth Day Resolutions

Are you making any resolutions for earth day?

How To Update Your Wardrobe on Very Little Money

A year ago, a few of my friends got together with a bunch of clothes we didn't want and we held a clothing swap. I made out like a bandit, and ended up with several pairs of pants, some nice shirts, a couple dresses, and two pairs of shoes. My friends did pretty well also. In the end, we had all updated our wardrobes without spending a dime.

The Alt-Consumerist Gift Guide

If you have read enough of my posts, you know by now, that I'm not a big fan of the "stuff." I like spending money on experiences: food, music, art, wine, theatre. But stuff? Meh. I try to spend as little on "stuff" as I can.

Keeping Your Wardrobe In Shape

Last night I had a terrible dream that a skirt of mine had holes in it. (Actually not last night, because I'm writing this post a week ahead of time as I'm on vacation, but whatever.)

Why was this such a terrible dream? Because I don't buy clothes very often. I went a year without buying clothes, and since then, I've kept the shopping fairly limited.

Greening Your Easter Basket

Once again, a holiday is upon us, and you know what that means ... lots of waste!!

Now, now, the Ethical Consumer is not Scrooge. She loves holidays too. But she does think they can be celebrated with a little less waste.

So here are some ways to make your Easter a little more environmentally friendly:

Beyond the Basics for Reducing Plastic

Last week, we talked a little about how to reduce plastic consumption. Now, if you follow the suggestions from last week, you'll probably be able to cut your plastic consumption in half. But for those of you that want to go a little further and cut your plastic consumption down even further, here are a few slightly more hardcore tips to reducing plastic consumption.


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