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What is equitrade and how does it differ from fair trade?

If you've been shopping the chocolate aisle lately, you might have noticed Malagasy's equitrade-designated chocolate bars. But what is equitrade and how does it differ from fair trade? Fair trade provides a fair wage to farmers for cash crops.

Service or product?

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Introducing Yoga by Donation

<p>I'd like to dedicate this post to my father's intrepid new business venture.&nbsp; On January1st, 2009, Bob Vaccaro opened <a href="">Yoga By Donation</a> in small-town Portsmouth, New Hampshire.&nbsp; My father has taught yoga for over 15 years now, most recently owning and operating Ocean Spirit Yoga

Recycle Your Christmas Cards! (or) Earth Class Mail Thriving at Intersection of Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Recycling

<p>The world still has a long way to go toward recycling even <strong>half</strong> of our waste stream but that doesn't mean that the news is all bad. In terms of technology, we have the means to recycle the bulk of what residents of the industrial world discard every day but we have&nbsp;failed to take&nbsp;the necessary steps to make it happen uniformly.</p>

What business travel can tell you about the auto bailout

<p>Have you ever noticed that car rental companies always run out of the little fuel-efficient cars first?

The ultimate eco-preneurial hobby: Salvation Cycles

<p>I am convinced that solving the climate crisis will require resourcefulness, ingenuity, and creativity.&nbsp; While I understand that advances in technology will be part of the solution, I am personally most interested in the sector of the green economy that finds ways reuse resources, extend products' useful lifetimes, reduce landfill waste and generally do more with less.&nbsp; Ent

Fair Trade Chocolate of the Year: Alter Eco!

<p>The holidays are about family, and friends, and reflection and thanksgiving, of course. But they're also about eating. Consuming inordinate amounts of delicious gooey goodness. This year, take a few minutes to think about how to use your tastebuds to make a little difference in the world.

Transforming Africa with Chocolate

<p>She is a graduate of the prestigious Raymond Ackermann Academy at Africa's leading business school, the University of Cape Town Graduate School Of Business.</p>
<p>She is a tried and tested Entrepreneur with a habit of never saying, "I give up!"</p>

Huddler: A Platform for Green Knowledge Sharing my Mom Could Use

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