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Green Vehicles Wants To Put Something New In Your Driveway

<p>EVs are making waves these days in the news.&nbsp; From a front page spot in the <a href="">Sept... issue of Wired</a> to my very first <a href="allthings/84/Goodbye-to-vroom-vroom.html">JustMeans post</a>, people are talking.&nbsp;</p>

San Francisco Director of the Environment intends to apply San Francisco's environmental learnings to cities around the world

<p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 10pt; line-height: 115%;">Jared Blumenfeld has one of the most important environmental leadership roles in San Francisco, a city which he says is &ldquo;in the top 10 on the planet that have thought about how to become more sustainable and started actually doing it.&rdquo;<span>&nbsp;&amp

Ecotourism and Social Responsibility

<p>For many people, ecotourism is a means of minimizing the &ldquo;footprint&rdquo; left behind in ecologically sensitive regions of the world, while satisfying an urge for visiting exotic places. While it is generally recognized that travel, especially internationally, broadens one&rsquo;s perspective, for many people it has become difficult to justify indiscriminate wanderlust.

Broke and trying to grow better pot: two ingredients for world class eco-innovation

<p class="MsoNoSpacing"><span style="font-size: small;"><span style="font-family: ">Tom Szaky was a freshman at Princeton when he and some friends stumbled upon a killer fertilizer: worm poop.<span>&nbsp; </span>&ldquo;We were trying to grow better pot and it turned out worm poop did the trick&rdquo; Tom told me matter-of-factly at the start of our conversation.<sp

Case Study: Incentive Based Recycling

<p><strong>Three problems, one solution: <br /> </strong><br /> <strong>1.&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp; Like many others, I know recyclables have value, but I don&rsquo;t care to spend my time sorting through trash to sell the materials at a <a href="

The Bottom Line On Lightbulbs And Hg (Mercury) - Let's Not Allow Perfect To Be The Enemy Of Good

<p>With so much green washing underway at the moment because of the political process, including slick and persuasive (but ultimately misleading) spots by the likes of ExxonMobil and their fossilized friends, it is easy to be uncertain about the adoption of compact fluorescent light bulbs. After all, many designs utilize mercury and are manufactured in nations with lax environmental laws (and even more lax enforcement).</p>

Ecotourism: Myth or Reality?

<p><a href="">Conservation International</a> defines true ecotourism as &ldquo;responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people.&rdquo;&nbsp; <a href="http://www

Social Change and Selling Soap

<p>In recent years Dove has won considerable praise for its CSR initiatives, most notably its <a href="">Real Beauty</a> campaign.&nbsp; However, this is far from the first time <a href="

Goodbye to vroom vroom

<p>No one can deny that the American people have a love affair with the automobile.&nbsp; Unfortunately, we might not have loved too wisely.&nbsp; According to a study published in the <a href="">Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences</a>, the transportation sector

One step forward, two steps back

<p>As I was preparing to write this, my first post at ATR, I received a fascinating email from the good folks at <a href=""><em>ospop</em>.</a>, a <a href="">buzzworthy</a> new bu


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