Green Products

XPrize Offers New Oil Spill Contest Details

The Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X Challenge will award $1 million to a team that comes up with the best new tech

Green Products: Choosing a Water-Efficient Toilet

Weighing the advantages of different types of water-efficient toilets

New Ethical Consumption Series: Sustainable Living in Home Improvement

How to incorporate ethical consumption considerations into home improvement

Public Pools = DNA Damage? Sustainable Living Investigates...

Alright, who peed in the pool? Whoever it was has now threatened our DNA...

Old is the New...New, Ethical Consumption & Vintage's Comeback

Ethical consumption isn't just about the latest products, it has a heart, and market research shows...vintage is in it.

Kiss My Glass: Sustainable Living Says Goodbye to Plastics

To use plastic or not? That is a question many sustainable living enthusiasts have stopped asking. Why?

Lara Miller: Layer Sustainable Over Green in Eco Sophistication

Lara Miller's layerable clothing carries a classic, simple design that can be endlessly mixed-and-matched.

Eco Wedding: Say, 'I Do," to the Dissolvable Bridal Gown

Summer brides can add some green to their white with a gown that dissolves in water!

Compostable Packaging...a Bust? Ethical Consumption Investigates

Compostables have boomed over the last five years, but is it really sustainable? Ethical Consumption investigates.


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