Green Products

Does Reduced Packaging mean Reduced Ethical Consumption?

Is there a bad side to reducing packaging? Ethical Consumption's look into the business world's truths.

MotherTongues – Shirts and Statements of Brotherhood With Ethical Consumption Values to Match

Apparel company MotherTongues looks to spread cultural awareness along with morals of ethical consumption.

Starbucks Disposable Cups Deemed "Unrecyclable" by Major Recycling Companies

Starbucks' cups can't be recycled by most companies, forcing the corporation to take matters into their own hands.

Eco Hipster of Sustainable Fashion, Samantha Pleet

Designs by Samantha Pleet reinvent vintage mod as if green has always been in style.

Do-Gooder's Design Project: Recycled Paper, Recycled Litter, Recycled Fashion

Yesterday's News® recycled pet litter challenges eco fashion designers to compete at the Green Catwalk Event this fall.

Starbucks Cups: Ethical Consumption for Coffeeholics

Iced coffees can help you chill out, and now Starbucks is making it easier (and more stylish) to consume ethically.

Green Perfumes by Tallulah Jane

For those looking for an eco friendly product with a luxury scent, these natural fragrances are definitely worth a try.

Eco Baby Clothes: Ethical Consumption from the Cradle

Vyssan Lull knows how to ethically style your baby this summer.


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