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Eco Travel in the Maldives (Before They Disappear)

The Maldives, the smallest of Asian nations, is a popular eco travel destination. It's also the lowest-lying nation, and stands an average of about 5 feet above sea level. In other words: if the ocean rises three feet, as is predicted by 2100 due to global warming, the Maldives would be (mostly) uninhabitable.

Cambodia, an Up-and-Coming Eco Travel Destination?

Cambodia has promising eco travel potential (if they can save the rainforest).

Space Tourism- No Lift Off for Sustainable Travel

Space travel is going mainstream, but the sustainable travel industry can shed light on its environmental impact.

Sustainable Travel for Conscious Carnivores?

It's easy to come up with sustainable travel options for vegetarians, but what about those eco-carnivores? Here are a few countries that serve delicious (and presumably sustainable) meat.

Delicious, Responsible Vacation Options for Vegetarians

Taking a responsible vacation as a vegetarian can be a burden or a blessing. If you call yourself a vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, frutarian, herbivore or any such variation, you might want to check out these four countries for good eats.

Mexico Aims to Highlight Sustainable Travel

Green Living Project and Mexico Tourism Board have joined forces to showcase sustainable travel companies.

Sustainable Travel Begins with Your Hotel Stay

Sustainable travel doesn’t have to break the bank. Make little changes for a large environmental impact.

New Travel Start-Up, Wanderfly, Includes Eco Travel Options

Wanderfly, a New York start-up, offers fun and easy eco travel recommendations.

Green Travel Feature: Off-the-Grid in Portugal

Portugal offers a myriad of green travel lodging options.

Wild Jordan Encourages Sustainable Travel For Nature and People

Wild Jordan encourages sustainable travel to support the social and  economic development of rural communities. Also, by helping start and sustain local nature-based businesses, Wild Jordan encourages eco-tourism for the sake of bio-diversity.


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