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The Great Green Travel Give Away Offers Free Eco Trips

The Great Green Travel Give Away is offering 20 eco-friendly vacation prizes. Proceeds support Sustainable Travel International (STI), a non-profit that aims to promote an sustainable travel around the world.  STI helps travelers find responsible travel companies, and also offers sustainable solutions to the travel industry.

Take a Hike! Responsible Vacation on a Mountain Slope near You

Seize the responsible vacation opportunity to go hiking during one of the best outdoor seasons of the year.

Sustainable Travel for a Spooky Halloween

Have a happier and environmentally friendly Halloween with sustainable travel to a sustainable pumpkin patch!

Sustainable Travel is the New Classroom

Studying abroad can be more about sustainable travel, less about the absence of a drinking age limit.

Only Vacation Island Lacks More Than Sustainable Travel

There is a missing element of sustainable travel and inclusiveness in new blondes- only vacation.

Eco Travel Tours: Seven Splendiferous Treehouses

Treehouses have become a trendy lodging option for eco travel enthusiasts. And, due to better building technology and environmental concerns, more and more treehouses have been popping up atop trees around the world.

Baumhaus Hotel, Germany


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