International Development

India’s Microfinance Collapse and Educated Second Rising

India, considered the epicenter of the developing world Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), is facing a severe crisis.

Get Your Great Idea Funded: StartingBloc, the People Incubator

Join an entire community of inspired people through StartingBloc’s fellowship program!

How Libya’s Crisis is Gbagbo’s Gain

Former Cote D'Ivoire president Gbagbo’s refusal to step down has been left in the shadows, while the violence escalates

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Shutting Down Orphanages

Yet a couple from the UK has been inspired to move beyond the age of institutional care. They believe that compassion,

Largest Study on Oil Spill Impacts on Human Health Kicks Off

NIEHS is leading the largest study ever conducted on the possible effects of an oil spill on human health

Is Development Unifying or Polarizing?

Will our ability to merge two distinctly different world views determine our survival as a species?

Budget Cuts Will Stunt US Development

Do budget cuts reveal the growth in place of development mentality?

Labor Protests in America and the Rise of Economic Inequity

Economic injustice is at the root of public unrest. Wisconsin labor protests are symptomatic of a much deeper malaise.

Air Pollution is a Silent Killer; More Risky than Cocaine

Air pollution from traffic has a higher population risk than cocaine. What are global government doing about it?

Civil Discourse Missing from Walker's Democracy

What is more dangerous to development than the lack of civil discourse from political leaders?


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