International Development

The Explosive Power of Video as a Human Rights Tool

Videos are becoming an explosive tool for human rights worldwide because of their ability to overcome basic barriers.

Democracy in Libya can Contribute to a More Sustainable Planet

Africa’s thriving Niger Delta faces an ecological threat from Libya’s ambitious water plans.

The Big Debate Over UK Aid to India

This week in the UK, the government has been questioned over its decision to maintain aid of £280 million a year to India. As the wealth of India continues to rapidly increase, a debate has risen in the UK over whether it is time to halt assistance to the country.

EPA E-Waste Bust; Responsibility, Design and Laws To Blame

A recent EPA e-waste bust highlights the need for extended producer responsibility, good design, and law.

Enablon Named as World Leader in Energy and Carbon Management Software

Enablon, a top provider of energy and carbon management software, receives recognition as a world leader in its field.

Is the USA Un-Developing?

Is the US Government's budget cut plan stuck in the 1970s?

The Story Behind the Bouquet

This Valentine’s Day, 110 million roses will be bought in the US and 21 million in the UK.

When the Biggest Polluters Don't Believe in Pollution

US citizens continue to deny anthropogenic climate change and end up being ranked below developing nations.

Africa Can Emerge Stronger from the Crisis in Egypt

Africa stands on the threshold of inevitab socio-economic change. The current Egyptian crisis is symbolic of it.

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit to Focus on Small Island Nations

DSDS 2011 aims to address the dangers of global warming faced by small island states around the world.


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