Living Green

Ethical choices: e-reader or books?

A case for the good ol' fashioned book.

Greening appliances

A quick look on energy savings that can be made by choosing energy efficient home appliances.

Where do donated clothes go?

Exploration of the cycle of used clothing and cheap clothing.

Organic food, sustainable living with Birke Baehr

My chat with 11-yr-old Birke Baehr and his efforts to change the food system.

Techno-leapfrogging and Renewable Energy

Indian states are using renewable energy for power needs. Finding sources of eco-power in the West.

All that glitters: Buying ethical jewellery

A spotlight on ethical jewellery and its forum for environmental awareness

Frankenfish: The salmon of doubt

The FDA deliberates over GM salmon. What does this mean for ethical food?

High fructose corn syrup and being ethically sweet

The environmental impacts of high fructose corn syrup.

Global Warming, Meatless Mondays and Lady Gaga

Did Lady Gaga know about the environmental impacts of meat when she wore the dress?


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