All Food Companies Need To Focus On Water Risk Management

(3BL Media/Justmeans) Water scarcity is a big problem for food production. Agriculture is the biggest water user on the planet, accounting for about 70 percent of global water withdrawals. About 40 percent of the global food supply is grown in irrigated areas, while 80 percent of the world’s cropland relies on rainfall for irrigation. Climate change can cause rainfall to vary.

Insurance Companies Have a Ways To Go In Dealing With Climate Change Risks

Hurricane Matthew just caused major flooding in parts of the Southeast. It's the country’s thirteenth billion-dollar weather disaster this year. A new Ceres report ranks the responses of the country’s largest insurance companies to climate change risks. What it finds is that while the disclosure and management of climate risks is improving by more U.S. insurers, most are giving minimal attention to it in terms of risks and opportunities.

How Companies Manage Water Risk

Water is necessary for life and it is necessary for business. The World Economic Forum Global Risks 2015 list ranked water crises, including drought, as the number one risk facing humanity. 

Battle In Wisconsin: Protesters Locked In Defiant Capital

Is Governor Walker an idealist threatening to end collective bargaining power, or a strong leader making tough choices?

Volvo Launches Aggressive Chinese Expansion

Swedish construction equipment provider Volvo is planning to invest more than $100 million in China!

Building For The Future: Shell And PetroChina Forge An Ambitious New Partnership

Shell and PetroChina are planning to spend over $60 billion on foreign acquisitions over the next 5 years!

Brazil Is Poised To Become The Global Leader In Sustainable Palm Oil Production

The Brazilian government has committed $60 million to support the rapid development of sustainable palm oil ventures!

Heartbreak In Haiti: Devastating Cholera Outbreak Cripples The Nation

Cholera has killed more than 798 people in Haiti and sickened over 12,000. $164 million in aid has been requested!!

Free Trade Food Fight: Is Free Trade Really Unsustainable and Destructive?

Until we admit that consumption is the real culprit, free trade will continue to be unnecessarily ostracized!

Android-powered Smartphones Propel Sony Ericsson's Strong Quarterly Results

Sony's focus on high-end products helped the company maintain its revenues, average sale price, and profits.


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