New App Promotes Sustainability Through Carpooling

SAP's TwoGo app makes it easier for companies and employees to carpool and save emissions.

Upcoming Conference to Discuss New Approach to Corporate Volunteerism

The 4th Annual International Corporate Volunteerism Conference will convene this Apr. 11 - 12 in Washington, D.C. Hosted by CDC Development Solutions, a nonprofit that designs volunteer programs for corporations, the event will bring together experts as well as companies like IBM, Merck, PepsiCo and SAP.

Sustainability and Safety: New Solutions in the Cloud

SAP launches two new cloud-based solutions to help customers with safety and sustainability compliance.

SAP's Sustainability Mission: Business Technology for Positive Change

The global IT giant, which is helping thousands of companies execute sustainability strategies, has released its third quarter sustainability report card. Outside of one niggling area, they are at the top of the class

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