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Is Geocaching Sustainable Travel?

Geocaching doesn't sound like it has anything to do with sustainable travel when you first hear about it. Instead, it sounds like glorified littering. Geocachers hide gizmos in urban and rural settings (read: the great outdoors).

Sassi di Matera, an Eco Friendly Destination

Matera, in Southern Italy, has become an eco friendly destination over the last few decades, thanks to the preservation of ancient villages in the historic area. Old Matera, called the Sassi, or City of Stone, was featured in The Passion of Christ (Mel Gibson).

Sustainable Travel for Christmas Trees (Hint: Your Local National Forest)

Luckily, there are Christmas tree farms, like Yule Tree Farms and Krueger's Christmas Trees, which sustainable travel writer Jennifer Stewart mentioned earlier this month. However, Christmas tree farms ship a high percentage of their trees, and it's better to get a tree off-the-farm, if possible.

Sustainable Sustenance with Sustainable Travel to Paris

Sustainable travel to Paris never tasted so good! Learn to cook French dishes with sustainable goods.

Whipping Up Something Good with Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel never tasted as good as the food in these New Zealand sustainable cooking classes.

Carbon War Room Launches a Sustainable Travel Initiative:

Cruises have just begun to climb aboard on the sustainable travel train, but they are still (usually) much, much dirtier than trains, cars and planes. Of course, cruises aren't even the main problem; tankers, cargo ships and other sea monsters are the ones dirtying up the sea.

Melt the Ice Before You Go: Green Travel With EcoTraction

Green travel means green everything-we-can: transportation, luggage, food, traction… Yes, traction. Believe or not, there is a traction agent on the market that is 100% green. Green in color and green for the world: it actually actively helps the environment.

Greenloons Offers Responsible Vacation Options for the Family

Greenloons, an ecotourism provider, has launched a website offering responsible vacation itineraries for the whole family. Greenloons is a Washington D.C. based company dedicated to promoting transparency in the eco tourism industry, family fun, nature, culture and, of course, travel around the world.

Move Over, AAA: The Better World Auto Club Supports Sustainable Travel

Better World Club is the only emergency auto insurance company to support sustainable travel, and they also offer America's only 24/7 bike roadside assistance plan.  BWC is carefully targeting the greenies of the world, and they dedicate most of their website to showcasing their environmental policies and shaming AAA.

Take a Chilean Hike to Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel to Chile is a challenging hiking adventure that is good for you and easy on the environment.


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