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L.A. Marathon- A Surprising Responsible Vacation Option

The L.A. Marathon is a responsible vacation option for those wanting 26.2 miles of conservation awareness.

Taxis- The New Form of Sustainable Travel

Electric taxis could be a common form of transportation for the sustainable traveler in months to come.

Who Says Sustainable Travel Can’t Be Luxurious Travel?

Sustainable travel doesn’t have to mean “frumpy.” Luxury is coming to a mode of transportation near you.

Eco Travel in the Maldives (Before They Disappear)

The Maldives, the smallest of Asian nations, is a popular eco travel destination. It's also the lowest-lying nation, and stands an average of about 5 feet above sea level. In other words: if the ocean rises three feet, as is predicted by 2100 due to global warming, the Maldives would be (mostly) uninhabitable.

Sustainable Travel for the Preservation of History (Meet Laura Lee Huttenbach)

You've heard about sustainable travel for the sake of local environment, economy and culture, but what about history? Around the world, untold stories risk disappearing without the attention of journalists, historians and attentive travelers.

Space Tourism- No Lift Off for Sustainable Travel

Space travel is going mainstream, but the sustainable travel industry can shed light on its environmental impact.

Pedal Your Way to Sustainable Travel

Looking for scenic roadways to bike on during your next sustainable travels? The roads are sure to delight. Responsible Vacation Insurance That Gives Back

Forget boring responsible vacation insurance, and take a look at Targeting adventurous  travelers, offers travel insurance to residents of over 150 countries. Bungee jumping? Skiing? Going swimming with sharks? They will cover you.

Sustainable Travel for Conscious Carnivores?

It's easy to come up with sustainable travel options for vegetarians, but what about those eco-carnivores? Here are a few countries that serve delicious (and presumably sustainable) meat.


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