Water Pollution

Kyoto Box Aids Sustainable Development

A simple, cheap, highly portable box can function as a solar-powered oven for millions of the world's poorest people.

Wars: Is a War over Water Brewing?

The World Water Council, for example, reports “the world population will increase by another 40-50%."

The Politics of Water and Sustainable Development

How water is quickly becoming the issue of the twenty-first century and how biodiversity plays a role.

Newest Mekong River Dam To Kill Iconic Fish

Delaying approval would allow more time for environmental impact studies and sensible planning.

Flooding in Pakistan Halts Progress Towards Meeting MDGs

Sustainable development and progress toward achieving the MDGs in Pakistan is severely affected by the flooding.

XPrize Offers New Oil Spill Contest Details

The Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X Challenge will award $1 million to a team that comes up with the best new tech

Water Access in the Middle East: Desalination and Sustainable Development

Despite the expense and energy intensive technology, desalination might be the best option.

Play Pumps: When Sustainable Development Goes Awry

PlayPumps launched in 2005 to great hype, but five years later the company is all but shuttered…what went wrong?

New BP Protest Site Debuts: "I'm Sorry, BP"

Yet another social media site launches to vent anger at BP

Oil-Damaged Waters: A Nigerian perspective on the Gulf Spill

A Nigerian perspective on the Gulf Oil Spill - and the discrepency between the US and Nigeria's sustainable development


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