Water Pollution

E-Waste, India and Dell

Freddie Benjamin, who works with Dell (just so that we are clear about the bias!) recently alerted me to their new campaign to alert the world - and especially India - to the massive pr

Reflections and Critiques on JMs Conference

Fab conference. But the structure undermined the ethos. Let's make these gatherings crackle on the cutting edge.

Economy, Ecology, and Sustainable Development

How the disconnect between the economy and the economic system upon which it depends hurts sustainable development.

Coffee Conundrums

What brewing a pot of (fair trade, organic, bird-friendly) coffee has to teach us about sustainable development.

The magic of composting toilets

The Phoenix, by Advanced Composting Systems, brought to you from the floor of the NESEA trade show.

Is the Press Release Dead? - and other new media challenges

Part 5 of my series on the JM Conference on Social Networking and Multi Stakeholder Engagement.

How Social Media is Redefining Activism? Live Blogging from JM Conference

Activism is changing - becoming more about construction than either confrontation (phase 1) or collaboration (phase 2)

Sizzle your sustainability by engaging with your employees

Unilever and Futerra talk about engaging your employees and moving into the new sizzling century of sustainability

Live from Social Media & Stakeholder Engagement Conference: M&S's Plan A

M&S shares their challenges, successes, and lessons on this exciting new world.


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