Taproot+ Webinar, Mar 2: What's the Best Way to Get Skilled Volunteers for Your Nonprofit?

Business professionals like Bruno Querenet are on Taproot+ looking to donate their time and expertise to nonprofits
Feb 26, 2016 11:30 AM ET

Bruno Querenet has donated 80 hours of pro bono service through Taproot+.

"I do pro bono because I wanted to find ways to volunteer some of my time and thought that doing pro bono work could be fun and useful to nonprofits. When I do pro bono, I bring with me diverse professional experience working for global companies. I am driven by innovation and appreciate nothing more than bringing a team or organization to its full potential. A pro bono engagement I'm particularly proud of was my first engagement with Taproot+ for a nonprofit in New York. I helped them revise their job descriptions and deploy a simple performance management process. It is immensely refreshing to see how dedicated the people working within nonprofit organizations are and what small teams can achieve. On my pro bono journey I hope to make a difference, as small as it may be, to the causes embraced by the nonprofit organizations I will be working with and helping."

Whether you're a business professional like Bruno looking to donate your time and skills, or whether you're a nonprofit professional looking for subject matter experts to accomplish high-impact projects, join our upcoming webinar to learn how to get started

Run time: 45 minutes
Access to the webinar and platform is free.
Taproot+ is an online platform built by the Taproot Foundation, a national nonprofit with 14 years of experience connecting nonprofits and social change organizations with skilled volunteers who provide their expertise pro bono. Taproot+ enables nonprofit and skilled volunteers to work together on short-term, high-impact projects such as optimizing Salesforce or creating marketing collateral.