The Emergence of the Chief Sustainability Officer

Acre have produced a white paper called "The Emergence of the Chief Sustainability Officer" – The next step in sustainability?
Mar 3, 2011 9:00 AM ET

The role of Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) is one of the hot topics in sustainability at the moment. It’s not the title that captures the attention, indeed many people we regard as CSOs are called something else – it’s the level of responsibility and the fact that it is a main board appointment. Acre have produced a white paper detailing this next defining moment in the progression of sustainability up the corporate agenda. 

The CSO title started to appear around 5 years ago in the US and is increasingly being adopted globally. We regard this as the key appointment as a company evolves from regarding sustainability as a corporate responsibility (CR) concern to a core strategic issue and a key driver of business innovation.
Topics covered in Acre's white paper include:
  • The Origins of the CSO

  • The Activities of a CSO

  • The Skill Set of a CSO,

  • The Appointment of a CSO

  • Typical Salaries

  • Future Direction



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