The Future of Pools: Smart and Sustainable

Aug 4, 2022 11:30 AM ET

By De’Mon Wiggins, Group President, Pentair Pool

As people spend more time at home, many homeowners are inspired to reimagine how they utilize their space. Outdoor areas are now seen as extensions of the home — a place where family and friends can relax, entertain and create memories. Swimming pools enhance this outdoor experience, providing accessible entertainment and contributing to a healthy, active lifestyle. But, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, they can also be a home's second-largest energy user. Without the proper equipment, pools can use water and energy inefficiently.

Pentair, a leading provider of water treatment and sustainable solutions, is working to change the pool industry with products and solutions designed to cut costs while conserving, improving and sustaining life’s essential resources. And through education of key partners, Pentair is creating a ripple effect for sustainability, influencing lifestyle change and paving the path for the future of a smarter, more connected industry.

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