The Path to a Sustainable America - How the Intolerant Left & the Righteous Right Need to Work Together

Mar 10, 2016 9:05 AM ET

by Cliff Feigenbaum, founder, GreenMoney Journal

As we all know, this year’s financial and political events are already moving quickly. I started 2016 by shifting my online news source from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal, trying to learn about the world through a difference lens and gain a new perspective on business, politics and money. 

Politics are omnipresent this year, from the surprisingly intolerant Left (where free speech isn’t always free) to the ever-righteous Right (where liberal values are seldom welcome). 

Don’t succumb to the extreme elements in our society (on the Far Left or the Far Right), though they certainly are a reflection of us at this time in America. The disdain for Pres. Obama from the Right has been about equal to the disdain the Left had for Pres. George W. Bush. This disdain has made it nearly impossible to move to a respectful, moderate center, where things can be accomplished in these unprecedented times, and where we must address the crippling national debt of $19 Trillion (almost doubling during the last decade). Millennials will be inheriting most of the debt burden. Our leaders must have better fiscal discipline, spending priorities for education, infrastructure and cybersecurity need shoring up. 

The rights and responsibility of free speech also bring costs and consequences. From college campuses, to the Washington halls of power and on down Wall Street, all of us need to practice discernment, not discrimination, and think before we speak and act. Yes, these are increasingly complex times we are living in. Challenging global issues like terrorism, immigration, climate change, and elections all impact our personal finances. Can we live a life that reflects our core values in these defining moments as we learn to live between fear and faith?

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