The Reliable Power Solution Behind Data Centers

Turning to new innovations in demand response
Sep 26, 2018 8:55 AM ET

Protecting and encrypting data is a sought-after resource in the digital age—and data centers are vital in keeping tech platforms and companies online and customer information safe.

Data centers can’t afford downtime, as going offline crashes websites, online transactions, social channels and customer care services attached to their servers. But housing data also consumes copious energy, which encourages owners and operators to seek cost reductions to maintain competitive pricing for potential tech customers while insisting on energy plans that prioritize reliability.

With their combination of specific energy needs, data centers require power strategies that ensure cost-effective, on-demand, and resilient energy.

From challenge comes solution.

As the market’s leading power company, we have a strong track record of asset-backed demand response solutions. Asset-backed demand response, also known as ABDR, is an integrated energy system, reliant on a back-up generation system, that combines a distinctive set of energy tools, technologies, and programs. Let’s break down what that means: 

  • On-site backup generation – On-site generator runs on traditional fuel and scales back on dependency from the grid. These assets simultaneously fulfill a sustainability need as well, since renewable generation can couple with on-site battery storage to run on (and store) solar or wind power. Since the asset is also on-site, there is an added element of reliability that helps organizations trying to plan for potential extreme weather conditions or even unstable grid conditions.
  • NRG co-invests with our customers: You do what you do best, in this case run data centers. And we do what do best—produce electricity and manage energy assets for the grid. Together, we deliver value for both, while opening up bandwidth for you to invest additional capital back into your business.
  • Reduced overall energy cost – An ABDR solution is able to produce its own energy at times that are economically viable, meaning less power is purchased from the grid during high price intervals, making it the perfect solution for any organization trying to proactively manage energy spend. An ABDR solution also increases stability around energy cost management and creates a more predictable energy supply.
  • Integrated energy system – NRG seamlessly manages what is, in essence, a customized energy microgrid alongside any additional distributed energy sources. Customers also have access to a real-time dashboard that allows them to have immediate insights into energy consumption. Likewise, we are able to serve as a manager for any existing commodity supply agreement with utilities—meaning no hassle or additional complexities to oversee.  We work with commodity providers to deliver the lowest cost reliable energy on behalf of our customers and NRG will stand behind the results.
  • Compliance reporting – We manage all environmental compliance, permitting, emissions clearance, and any additional compliance reporting requirements for on-site energy assets, allowing organizations to focus their efforts elsewhere, knowing their distributed energy resource (DER) is being maintained by their energy partner.

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