Tips for Celebrating the Fourth of July in a COVID-19 Environment

Though celebrations may still look different this Fourth of July, it is still possible to have fun and celebrate sustainably.
Jul 3, 2020 9:10 AM ET

With the likelihood of increasing personal, smaller fireworks displays following some cancellations of public displays around Independence Day, we are sharing some tips to stay safe while keeping the environment in mind. In fact, it is important to take steps to prevent litter when you can and dispose of fireworks waste properly – and safely.

And as more people seek recreation outdoors at parks, beaches, and trails, we remind everyone to leave no trace and pack it in, pack it out whenever visiting public spaces. Additionally, the Fourth of July falls in the middle of National Clean Beaches Week, which celebrates our beaches and is a great time for all of us to maintain the beauty of waterways and shorelines during holiday festivities.

Continue reading here for some tips to do your part to keep our environment litter-free for everyone to enjoy.

Larry Kaufman
Keep America Beautiful
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