Unreasonable Impact | India Faces a Massive Waste Crisis, But Not For Long

Aug 14, 2017 7:55 AM ET

Banyan Nation is changing the way India recycles and thinks about waste management and sustainability by focusing on plastic. Currently, the quality of plastic recyclate is very poor. An award-winning company, Banyan Nation is building one of India’s first vertically integrated, formal recycling businesses by leveraging simple mobile technology applications. They aggregate informal sector collectors and innovative plastics recycling technology to create “Better Plastic” – good for the industry, society, and environment.

To date, Banyan has recycled over 500 tons of plastic, reduced over 750 tons of CO2, and diverted over 1000 tons of plastic from landfill. Co-founder and CEO, Mani Vajipey, discusses wanting to solve real world problems

What inspired you to start this company?

I was born and raised in India but spent a major part of my adult life in the United States. I was working at the forefront of mobile technology and contributing to the development of next generation gadgets. However, deep inside I always wanted to solve real world problems – ones that plagued our society, particularly in developing countries like India.

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