Unreasonable Impact | Meet the Company That Could Impact Two Billion Lives

by Aubrey Sanders
Aug 11, 2017 8:30 AM ET

Greenlight Planet designs, manufactures, distributes, and finances solar-powered home energy systems and appliances for the two billion people in Asia and Africa living without access to a reliable and affordable electrical grid. To date, the company has sold over six million solar-powered lanterns and home energy systems, impacting over 20 million people in over 50 countries. Founder and CEO Patrick Walsh shares how Greenlight Planet’s design, efficient engineering, and innovative distribution strategies can make dirty kerosene lanterns a thing of the past.

What is your vision for Greenlight Planet?

We want to deliver energy that everyone can afford. With our Sun King solar lanterns, we can increase daily study time available to children, impact families’ ability to run businesses and earn income after sundown, decrease reliance on kerosene and dangerous events related to its use, and provide better air quality for families who would otherwise depend on dirty fuel sources.

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