WestJet’s Christmas Act of Kindness is CSR Done Right

Dec 23, 2016 10:50 AM ET

In this season of giving, it’s not uncommon to see big companies getting in on the goodwill with CSR. Canadian airline WestJet could very well be tops when it comes to seasonal charitable acts; for the last five years, they’ve performed a “Christmas miracle” for deserving people. This year, their focus was on the residents of Fort McMurray in Alberta, a community devastated by wildfires in May 2016. These residents were invited to a Christmas party thrown by WestJet to recognize their hardship and help lift their spirits this holiday season.

But that’s not all – says an article at The Huffington Post: “Nearly 1,000 residents, many of whom lost their homes in the tragic wildfire that ravaged more than 1,900 square miles last May, enjoyed crafts, music and dancing. But the party’s finale was their biggest surprise.”

As well as fostering a wonderful connection with their community, this is a phenomenal example of CSR done right. According to the HuffPo piece, WestJet’s series of Christmas miracle videos have been viewed more than 54 million times since the program’s inception in 2012. Falling in line with the airline brand’s typically sweet and funny commercials, these “holiday miracles” prove that when you’re a company that does right, you’ll inspire others to do right in return (the video is currently trending on YouTube!).

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