What a Pink-and-White Camera Taught Us About Hunger

Oct 17, 2012 9:00 AM ET

Today is World Food Day, a time to shine a spotlight on the global movement to end hunger.

For years, Cisco has been part of this movement. Through cash and in-kind contributions and employee volunteerism we support organizations working to end hunger — from agencies in our backyard like Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, to U.S-wide organizations like Feeding America, to the global UN World Food Programme (WFP).

In July 2011, Cisco donated 2500 small video cameras to WPF so staff could document how the organization was helping people, especially children, live healthier lives.

Today on the Huffington Post, WFP Communications and Outreach Officer Ali Goldstein writes about how one of these cameras, a pink-and-white one to be exact, brought one girls’ story of life in a Kenyan slum to the world.

Please read Ali’s post and watch the video depicting, in Ali’s words, how technology can “empower us to have a global conversation we’ve never been able to embark on before… one that pulls us to the center of the story and multiplies our impact.”

Also today, Cisco Executive Vice President Randy Pond authored a blog post on the newSecond Harvest Food Bank facility in San Jose, California — and how Cisco invests talent, technology, and cash to help the hungry. Cisco supported the effort with more than $US2 million in contributions, including unified communications and networking infrastructure products that have helped the organization increase productivity.

These are just two examples of our work to help end hunger and provide other critical human needs to people around the world. Next month, we will launch our employee Global Hunger Relief Campaign, which raised $4.1 million for 139 hunger relief and water agencies in 2011.

And now you have an opportunity to multiply your impact on people at risk of hunger via the Cisco Facebook page.

All we went to know is how you give back. Simply comment on the “How Do You Give?”customized Facebook tab and for every unique comment $1 will be donated to the World Food Programme. Easy right?!

Comment and let’s give back together! Check out the “How Do You Give?” Facebook tab and read the program details for more information.