What Millennials Want: Engagement

May 31, 2012 5:30 PM ET

By Allison McGuire

I’m not talking about nuptials. (Millennials are actually less likely to show interest in marriage than older generations.)

As the resident Millennial on the Network for Good partnerships team, I’m here to tell you that, to my generation, engagement means being appreciated for our work, feeling we are contributing to the greater good, and having opportunities to give back our time and energy through volunteering.

Millennials are ambitious, tech-savvy, team-oriented, and creative. Look no further than Mashable’s 26-year-old founder and CEO, Pete Cashmore (or Mark Zuckerberg or Lena Dunham, or….). To recruit, foster, and retain Gen Y: acknowledge and appreciate our work; ensure your company’s values are intact and deeply embedded within your overall strategy; and have myriad volunteer opportunities for all employees.

Engaged Millennials will enhance your bottom line. A Gallup study found that companies with high employee engagement programs and activities see a 16% increase in profitability over those that don’t.


So what do Millennials want? Read on, via CompaniesforGood.org


Remember these killer facts:

  • Millennials gain satisfaction from being engaged and having purposeful work.
  • Satisfaction makes employees two times more satisfied in their jobs.
  • High satisfaction numbers increases retention.
  • Companies with employee engagement programs see 16% more profitability than those that don’t.
  • Volunteering gives Millennials a sense of community, increases team-building skills.