AGRION Hosts Session on Employee Engagement with Yahoo!, Symantec, Genentech, Others

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Sustainability experts from Yahoo!, Symantec, Genentech, New Leaf Paper and Kesher Consulting are coming together to participate in an interactive discussion hosted by AGRION on December 11 in San Francisco. The participants will discuss the importance of employee engagement in CSR, explore the issue of scaling employee engagement programs for sustainable business practices, and brainstorm solutions during the meeting. Participants will also ask questions as well as share their own experiences.

Live streaming of the discussion will be made available to those who are interested in the subject, but are unable to participate personally. The host, AGRION, is an international business network for energy, cleantech and sustainability. The effectiveness of such programs has moved the focus of sustainability professionals towards addressing the challenge of how they can scale employee engagement to build momentum and gain relevance with everyone in the company.

A number of leading global business organizations have started taking a closer look at establishing sustainable business models, particularly because it helps their brand image. The motivation and engagement of employees to modify and adapt behaviors in consonance with changing lifestyles is becoming a popular tool in promoting sustainable practices across companies. Therefore, it is important to embed these practices within the everyday business operations.

At the previous Employee Engagement meeting of AGRION in August, Grant Ricketts from Tripos Software, Inc. had said that when employee engagement is scaled up, the metrics begin to speak for themselves because they are driving some kind of business result. More than the drive to reduce carbon emissions and other such issues, the goal of these programs is to improve the business, reduce operating costs, and increase participation. More details about the forthcoming meeting are available at

Source: PR Web

Image Credit: Flickr via Geoff Livingston