All About Me

One of my best grade school memories is getting to fill out the “All About Me” worksheets on the first day of school. When else can you devote an entire morning to listing interesting demographics such as your favorite color, animal, and song? But never fear. I am not here to tell you about my favorite color (changes daily) or song (“My Michelle” by Guns N’ Roses). I simply want my Justmeans readers to understand who I am.

I am a Texas girl and a Houston lover. I love Houston not only because it is home, but because there are international people everywhere! Dare to take your earphones off for a few seconds and you are bound to hear at least two different foreign languages a few coffee tables away. Part of my fascination with international life probably stems from years of playing the violin. As a violinist, you must understand each composer to portray the music as it was intended to be portrayed. So since the tender age of five, I have been aware that musical intent varies from century to century and country to country.

The most important thing you must know about me is that I am the understudy for the poster child of the millennial generation. It is not enough for me to bring home a paycheck. If that paycheck was earned doing work I could not even trick myself into being passionate about, I want nothing to do with it. That’s where writing comes in.

Writing is my life companion. Even as a civil engineering student in college, writing an entertaining blog for my friends and my sanity assuaged the psychological wounds from a stringent engineering curriculum. Writing continued to help me cope with dimly- lit cubicles and awkward office interaction while I worked as a bridge designer for two years. It was during my tenure at the engineering firm that I learned how some self- proclaimed upper- crust members of society viewed traveling. They viewed traveling simply as an exterior indicator of their financial wealth. When colleagues returned from exotic destinations, the majority of their comments were about how much the trip cost or what type of resort they lounged in. Rarely did I hear about exciting travel experiences.

After I was laid off, I made the conscious decision to strike a perfect balance. I needed to figure out what allowed me to flex my writing muscles along with my interest in design, art, psychology, and sociology. Through a chain of events, I was introduced to the world of user experience design. As a user experience designer, I have finally found a place where all of my passions collide. In an industry based on innovation and society awareness, bringing Justmeans readers the latest and greatest in efforts to promote sustainable travel is icing on the proverbial cake.

Traveling has been a favorite pastime since I can remember. When classmates were raving about their latest artery- clogging jaunt to Astroworld (may it forever rest in peace), I was reviewing my trip journals from family road trips to Maine or Canada. I have an endless love for being exposed to new cultures and people. I love to observe the values of different cultures in their daily lives. Most of all, I am intrigued by how we choose to coexist with nature around the world. It is clear that we must become more responsible about how we treat the world we have been given. It is my hope to bring my Justmeans readers intriguing information about sustainable travel and those willing to make sustainable travel the new “norm.”