Amazon Joins Business Environmental Leadership Council, Reinforces Climate Commitment

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - We may be seeing troubling setbacks in climate policy as far as government goes, but business leaders know better, and are charging ahead with commitments to mitigate climate disruption. The latest business giant to make a massive environmental commitment is Amazon, which has now joined the Business Environmental Leadership Council at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES). The goal is to find and apply practical solutions to the world’s climate and energy challenges.

The C2ES Business Environmental Leadership Council was formed in 1998. It is the largest U.S.-based association of companies totally focused on climate-related policy and corporate strategies for that. Its members are mostly Fortune 500 companies from various industries with combined revenues of over $2 trillion. Together, they employ over three million employees.

As we have written before, business is at the forefront of the sustainability revolution. While some countries' governments adopt a stubborn and irresponsible attitude towards binding climate commitments, more than 900 companies and investors have signed a commitment in support of the Paris Agreement. Besides, more than 100 companies have signed up to RE100 to commit to 100 percent renewable energy and nearly 300 companies have committed to science-based climate action.

Further evidence of business commitment is a new event initative called Companies versus Climate Change, which has as its mission to bring together “companies from around the world to discuss climate change and how they can work together to address it most impactfully.”

The latest news from Amazon further cements the company’s sustainability leadership. Last year, it became the top purchaser of renewable energy in the United States. Up to now, the company has announced or started the construction of a total of 3.6 million megawatt hours (MWh) of renewable energy. Recently it announced it is aiming at installing at least 50 rooftop solar systems globally on its facilities by 2020.

“Amazon has shown through words and actions that business leaders take climate change seriously,” said C2ES president Bob Perciasepe. “The company has invested in wind and solar energy to power its businesses in the United States and globally, and has expressed public policy support for the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Image credit: Amazon