Are you as precise with your coffee order as you are your life?

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Consider for a moment how you order your coffee when you’re out at one of the frequent coffee places around town. Listen the next time when someone orders. People are so specific about how they want their coffee: extra hot, no foam, dry, ½ caf, and ½ decaf, tall, 2 shots vanilla, etc. Do you order your responsible career and work in the world as carefully as you do your coffee?

If not let’s talk a bit about the coloration between your coffee and your career. How hot do you want your coffee and your job? Do you like it intense, fast paced and very spicy or do you prefer a more subdued, smooth, set your own pace and be antonyms.? Pay attention to your needs in the work environment and begin your research and outreach from there. Many people are not specific enough about the type of workload, pace and environment and they end up in places that don’t support them.

Have you thought through on the benefits or extra add ons? In ordering your coffee we make special requests like dry or no foam or extra foam or whipped cream. What are those unique aspects of your ideal career, which are not fully identified or flushed out? Be specific, ask for what you desire and write it down. Until it’s a habit like ordering your coffee it won’t be genuine and authentic.

In relations to your coffee what type of beans do you like, taste, location of growing and overall foundational aspects of your coffee. Do you like it with caffeine, organic shade grown, water proceeded decaf, etc. The foundation of your career relates to what specific skills you are offering and the specific accomplishments and past successes. By clearly defining your offerings and your requests you make a clearer path and connection between you and your future career.

What aspects of your coffee order and career decisions are optional and preferential? Take the time to know the difference between a requirement and a preference. That way you have more room to negotiate and explore new avenues and direction. Do you really need that vanilla shot in your coffee? What in your career exploration and research might you be treating as a requirement instead of a preference? Be clearer about your goal and your results will occur much more rapidly.

Be specific, act with decisiveness, and take action.