Being Your Own Business Owner

As a business owner you have the incredible ability to impact significant trends and new movements by thinking differently and choosing to align your values with your direction. Take a look at the article by Marcia in Social Enterprise.

Part of being a visionary is looking in areas where you can get insights and apply to your line of work. Take for instance working in co-working groups. Where can you apply that principle in one or many areas in your business? Who can you work along side that in the past perhaps you didn’t? Insight and direction require feedback and time to reflect and ponder, where can you allow new ideas to flow into your business and give you direction? Use networking and relationship building as one way to do this.

What are you finding that you need, to be a success in owning or working in your own business? Please share your comments with us.

Specifically I see that the trend is the necessity to foresee the future and identify cross-pollination platforms. What is being done in a different business sector that you can adopt, change and recreate to serve your business goals?
As a businessperson you need to stay close and personal with your clients. What ways are you allowing your customer to inspire and educate you? Do you survey them, invite them to dinner, encourage them to submit ideas, and otherwise engage with you on a level of co-partnership. The days are over where the business CEO knew everything and told his or her staff what to do and then in turn tell the customer we know best. We are moving into a decade of partnership and co-teaching that will facilitate everyone’s goals and outcomes. Many people are even considering starting their own non-profits or partnering with an already existing one.

As I’ve shared before in articles on values it is crucial to see what motivates your actions. By linking your values to your actions you begin to see immediate clarity in service offerings and in your bottom line. I encourage asking as we begin 2010 and a new decade what actually is your bottom line? Another way to say that is, “How will you know you are successful?” “What matters most to you now?” These questions will guide you as to claiming your personal and professional milestones. As mentioned in the articles on the site we see new formulas for success are emerging. Things such as having greater social impact, having a louder voice, creating successful models and ventures, saving lives, serving the planet, etc. Continuing business as usual is no longer the case but instead a direction of focus with spirit at work and being a leader are.

Some specific skills I see that are needed in this new market: global mobile communication skills, online social networks, multicultural sensitivity, compassionate listening, public speaking, blogging and writing, circular time awareness, leadership, financial independence, and networking skills. What skills do you see are required?
Consider thinking with a beginner’s mind and approach your opportunity as a business person like a child would. With enthusiasm, curiosity and joy.