BEPI and Myclimate Team Up On Supply Chain Climate Protection

(3BL Media/Justmeans) -The Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI), a business-driven initiative that works to improve supply chain environmental performance across the globe, has announced a partnership with myclimate Foundation, a Swiss organization focused ​ ​on climate protection. The partnership aims at providing supporting to participating companies so they can measure and reduce carbon emissions in their supply chain more effectively.

This partnership will see the two organizations working together on several areas. One of them is the development of practical tools. Myclimate Foundation will support the development of a Carbon Calculator to be integrated in the​ ​BEPI platform to improve the measurement of carbon in the supply chain.

Second, the organizations will work to identify opportunities to develop joint capacity building ​ ​activities for BEPI participants and producers to raise awareness around climate change and CO2 management.

Third, myclimate will help to offset the carbon footprint of the Unleash Opportunity conference, the ​ ​annual trade and sustainability event hosted on 15 June in Brussels by BEPI’s founding organization, the Foreign Trade Association.

Finally, the partnership means mutual support to achieve their climate and environmental protection goals.

“By capitalizing on the expertise and common objectives of both initiatives, this collaboration will empower BEPI companies to efficiently manage and address scope 3 emissions, which are by far the largest component of a business’ carbon footprint, and therefore one of the biggest challenges. Pressure on businesses to contribute to achieving global commitments such as the Paris Agreement is high and this partnership will provide companies with the appropriate tools to lead change,” Darrell Doren, FTA Senior Director Sustainability, said in a statement.

​​As part of this partnership, myclimate Foundation will also become a BEPI recognized carbon and​ ​climate change consultant.​

Image credit: Myclimate