​Bill And Melinda Gates Tell Buffet The Good News

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Amid the doom and gloom of most news outlets, Bill and Melinda Gates are sounding out some good news in their 2017 Annual Letter. Why are they happy? Because they say humanity is witnessing the faste​st​ progress ever in global heath and poverty reduction.

The new edition of their annual letter is addressed to investor and philanthropist Warren Buffet, highlighting the achievements and progress made since 2006 when Buffet gave $30 bill​​ion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The donation was invested in new technologies, solutions and research that helped reduce extreme poverty levels and saved lives.

Some of the figures presented in the letter are impressive. It says that 122 million children around the world have been saved since 1990. 86 percent of children all over the world now receive basic vaccines​;​ and a record number of 300 million women are using modern contraceptives. ​

More specifically in Africa, diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea an​​d malaria ​are ​killing fewer children as mortality has decreased by 54 percent across sub-Saharan Africa.

Family planning advocates will be happy to hear that ​the number of ​women using co​​ntraception in that part of the world has also gone up to 27 percent. As women are empowered in reproductive choices, they ​have better chances of increasing their families' income and improve their living standards.

Finally, extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa has decreased by 28% since 1990, which is great news for Africa and the world, ​besides creat​ing​ a more positive picture of that continent and its inhabitants.​ There is a long road ahead, of course, but these figures are a good reason to celebrate.

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Image credit: Gates Notes