​C​arlsberg Unleashes Ambitious Zero Emissions Plan

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Some ​great ​sustainability news has been brewing at Carlsberg. Now it has been unleashed to the rest of the world​. Carlsberg has released its new sustainability program outlining its plans to go zero emissions and halve water usage at its breweries by 2030. The program is called Together Towards ZERO and is also includes an intermediate step of switching to renewable electricity by 2022.

The program is an integral part of the Carlsberg Group’s SAIL’22 strategy and consists of four major plans: ZERO carbon footprint, ZERO water waste, ZERO irresponsible drinking and a ZERO accidents culture, with their respective measures.

Together Towards ZERO is the result of a collaboration with global experts using a science-based approach, and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and. It goes beyond the base level of ambition set out in the Paris Agreement on climate change.

It also draws on the company's scientific capital and, to increase it further, it will establish a community of young scientists led by the Carlsberg Research Laboratory, a seminal lab where the pH scale, purified yeast and climate-tolerant crops have been discovered. The Carlsberg Young Scientists’ Community will help push developments in CO2, water and sustainable brewing.


ZERO carbon footprint: To bring its emissions to null by 2030, Carlsberg is transitioning to 100 percent renewable electricity at its breweries by 2022. Through its Carlsberg Circular Community, Carlsberg is also engaging​ business​ partners​ all through its​ value chain to reduce beer-in-hand emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

ZERO water waste: Water scarcity is a major issue and for beverage companies it is obviously an even more pressing ​challenge​. Carlsberg has worked with WWF to identify breweries situated in areas with a high​ ​risk of water scarcity and developed targets to support the ambition of ZERO water waste. The new targets include halving brewery water usage by 2030 and working with partners to improve water management in high-risk areas around selected breweries.

ZERO irresponsible drinking: Drink driving is a major cause of preventable death​. Prevention work ​​touches ​on ​some deep-rooted cultural patterns. Carlsberg is working with a committee of international health and behavioural scientific experts to define actions that support consumers in making healthy, responsible choices. The new targets include offering 100​ percent​ distribution of alcohol-free beer by 2022 to expand consumer choice, ​online and packaging information on responsible drinking,​ and outreach work to encourage responsible drinking.​

ZERO accidents culture:​ ​In order to further improve staff safety, Carlsberg ​is involving all staff on all levels to create a ZERO accidents culture. The new targets include a year-on-year reduction in the accident rate​.​

Cheers to that!

Image credit: Carlsberg​​