Career Planning Involves Thinking Outside the Box

President Obama announced in February that the federal government would spend $8 billion developing a nationwide high-speed train system in the United States. This investment the White House says is needed to help create more jobs and develop long-term economic growth. What do you think? Having worked for Amtrak doing a training engagement for two years I know the importance of the rail system and the possibility it has in our lives.

The investment is being made through state grants, coming from the government's $862 billion economic stimulus package. The overall, projects and planning involving the rail corridors will take place in 31 states, according to a White House statement.

More than 30 rail manufacturers have agreed to establish or expand U.S. operations. Given this there will be new jobs and opportunities made available to people with the appropriate skills. Why not explore a new career in the railroad.

Each of the corridors identified by the administration last year are between 100 and 600 miles long which means a great deal of job needs and work opportunities all around the United States.

Take a look at the railroad with a new eye. Identify the culture and the people and the work expectation. Might it be a good use of your skills? As quoted last year in an article in the Sacramento Bee there will be in the coming years 2012-2013 about 45% of Management positions becoming available in government due to retirement packages. That means that people will move up and entry-level positions will become open to individuals like you who have skills but may have never thought of the railroad or government. It’s important to remember that career planning involves exploring your transferable skills and identify what could be valuable in this new economy.

The program is "a long-term venture in which states will need to plan projects, purchase and lay track, build and assemble equipment, and construct or upgrade train stations, tunnels and bridges," the statement said in the Wall Street Journal. Additionally, $8 billion mentioned by Obama, is promised $1 billion a year for five years in the federal budget "as a down payment to jump-start the program," the White House said.

I say follow the money to where the job openings are. Remember that not only are there direct jobs related to the railroad but all of the auxiliary positions needed to support and provide value such as administration, human resources, insurance sales, home buying flow over, and other careers. Keep your search engine primed for the railroad and Welcome Aboard!