Cargill’s Cocoa Promise Turns Five, New Report Out

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Child labor, poverty and safety are some of the issues the cocoa industry has to deal with and they have become a central point in creating a sustainable, socially responsible supply chain.

That is why five years ago Cargill launched its Cocoa Promise initiative to lay out a clear pathway to a sustainable cocoa supply chain. Now the company is releasing a report to chart its achievements, and those of its partnerships, in this period.

Some of the highlights include more than 145,000 farmers trained on sustainability principles and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. In addition, knowledge is power and better results, with data showing that those who put into practice what they’ve reaped a yield increase of 49 percent between 2016 and 2017.

To mark the launch of the report, the company has also presented five clear-cut goals to signpost its actions towards 2030.

The first one is Farmer livelihoods, promoting more professional farming practices and stronger communities. The numbers involved are ambitious: Cargill wants to reach one million farmers with the Cocoa Promise program.

Second, Community wellbeing.  Cargill wants more safety and protection in cocoa-growing regions, particularly for children. This involves education, health, nutrition and women’s empowerment. It is aiming at zero child labor incidents by 2025.

Third, Protecting our planet. This action focuses on protecting forests, promoting reforestation and ensuring this type of farming does not affect negatively on biodiversity. It has set a zero deforestation goal for 2030.

Fourth, Consumer confidence. Cargill wants consumers to feel confident when purchasing cocoa products from sustainable and socially responsible sources.  For that to happen, its targets are 100 percent traceability covering farmers and processing plants, as well as 100 percent ingredients complying with standards.

Fifth and last, Transformation, together.  This action sees Cargill focused on forging partnerships and involving third parties to drive change across the sector.

To access the full 2017 Cargill Cocoa Promise report, go here.

Image credit: Video grab (Cargill)