​Carlsberg Reports On Latest​ Sustainability And CSR Progress

(3BL Media/Just means) - Carlsberg, the iconic beer brewer, has made public the latest data on the its forward steps on the sustainability​ and CSR​ fronts. The company’s latest report​, which ​cover​s​ 2016​,​ provides an overview of the company’s achievements to date and plans for the future.

Progress has been made in energy consumption, which has gone down by six percent in relation to 2015. Carlsberg also reduced its CO2 emissions by 14 percent, while water consumption has gone down by six percent. Regarding the latter, the company worked with WWF to update its water risk assessment and ​included 15 of its breweries​​ in high-risk areas in its review.

Renewable energy is also part of the company’s mix. It now accounts for 17 percent of the total used. Sources include biomass, solar (including a solar farm in Dali, China) and guaranteed certificate.

On the CSR front, Carlsberg has stepped up efforts to tackle drink-driving and to prevent people under the legal age from purchasing alcohol. The company has increased by 31% the number of beers that now carry responsible drinking information, which now totals 85% of total volumes (the 2017 target is 100%).

Carlsberg also improved as a safe place to work; more than 50 percent of the group’s sites were accident-free in 2016.

“In 2016, we continued our efforts to improve our sustainability performance by further reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water usage. We’re pleased that all three areas delivered progress faster than anticipated, and we are now taking our sustainability efforts even further as part of our Group Strategy, SAIL’22,” Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Carlsberg's sustainability director.

​To read the full report, go here.​