Cascade Reports on Energy Efficiency

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Cascade ​Energy, a specialist in energy industrial efficiency, ​has released its latest sustainability report​. Since it is its very core business, energy efficiency is ​the main component of the company's sustainability efforts. Last year, the company set a goal to deliver 900 aMW of energy savings by a 2025 deadline, which the company will achieve by improving energy engineering and energy services management.​ In 2016 it achieved 41.79 aMW from a goal of ​45 a MW.

The company achieved several goals in terms of administration steps to improve sustainability, such as ​establishing an executive commitment and leadership, besides a cross-functional team that meets quarterly.​

It also developed a statement that is supported by the executive leadership and shared with all staff. The statement defines its goals, commitment, and action plan to support its sustainability efforts.

Another met goal was creating baseline metrics, determining one to two strategies for 2017 to monitor, track, and report its efforts. On top of that, it developed an Annual Sustainability Progress Report, approved by leadership and shared internally with staff.

Cascade is also working towards its 2017 goals, including the implementation of a Diversity and Sustainability Procurement Form. Moving in that direction, the company's Finance & Accounting department will request that all subconsultants, vendors, and suppliers volunteer information regarding sustainability practices. Cascade will then track and report results.

Another goal for 2017 is to encourage telecommuting and implement an IT strategy to promote double-sided printing to save paper, with monitoring, tracking and reporting as part of its efforts to be reported annually. It will also develop a “Sustainable Commitment” statement to be shared on its website.

Finally, Cascade will also review and identify opportunities to share expertise in the community and set up a process for defining and implementing a more robust program in 2018.

The report can be accessed here.

Image credit: Cascade Energy