Choosing A Career: Consider teaching English Abroad

As the economy has changed the opportunities for work have as well. Your career choices have expanded and in our posts in the past few months, here, here, you can learn more about options. As you look into choices for your career consider being of service in another country.

As quoted by Henry DeVries of Jobs & Careers section editor and the assistant dean for external affairs for UC San Diego extension, University of California San Diego Extension reveals one of the hottest career options for college graduates in this challenging economy include teaching English abroad. As you explore options for your career it is important to pay attention to needs around the world. Employers are outsourcing to individuals and companies abroad the needs for your skills are also needed.

By working in another country offering your skills you receive in exchange a combination of expertise to increase your employability. As you take action towards your career choices you need to notice and expand what you are offering. By teaching abroad you learn how to function and thrive in unfamiliar surroundings, develop teaching and interacting skills to support you in many arenas and cross cultural skills, and the opportunity to be transformed by living in a new environment.

Create for yourself some opportunities to check out working abroad in short term assignments. Use your local resources to find out about international options, visit your volunteer center, do informational interviews with people who might provide information, do a service vacation, find a mentor.

Use this time to explore the global career market and allow your career choices to reflect the diversity and expansiveness of the world economy.