Companies Use Dedicated CSR Websites and Blogs to Focus on Social Responsibility

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The demand for CSR news and data continues to grow among shareholders, institutional investors, media and industry analysts, and consumers. As the environmental, social, and governance impacts of companies become more material to the bottom line, this information increasingly figures in judgments about a company’s performance—and its value.

A 2013 survey by Ernst & Young revealed that this interest among shareholders and investors in the CSR efforts of businesses is on the rise. Half of the respondents in the survey reported that they are receiving an increase in the number of sustainability-related inquiries from shareholders and investors over the past year.

In response, some companies are stepping up their efforts at disclosure with websites and blogs dedicated to CSR. Microsoft, has an official blog, the “Microsoft Green Blog,” about its sustainability activities (Microsoft was ranked last year by the Reputation Institute as the company with the best CSR reputation). General Electric has a dedicated CSR website,, and two microsites, ecomagination and healthymagination. is the official website on that company’s sustainability endeavors.

Cisco is another corporation responding to this trend. Cisco CSRhas launched a major redesign of its website,, to increase awareness of and disclosure about the company’s CSR activities.

Cisco’s redesigned CSR website has adopted a new format that makes it easy to find and share stories that tell how Cisco CSR benefits people, communities, and the planet. Each Cisco CSR focus area has its own dedicated section: education, healthcare, economic empowerment, critical human needs, environmental sustainability, ethics, supply chain, andpeople.

Visitors to the site can access Cisco blog articles from the home page. Sponsored posts on the Huffington Post’s Impact X section highlight how people and technology are converging for social good. The site also has a new ‘News and Events’ page to keep readers updated. A new social sharing feature on the site makes it easy to share interesting comments on various online communities.

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Image Credit: Flickr via Umbrela Verde