​Consumers Energy Releases 2017 Sustainability Report​

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - ​Electricity and natural gas company Consumers Energy, which covers the Michigan region, has recently released the 2017 edition of its sustainability report highlighting its achievements in the previous year. ​The company has been making progress in several areas, some of which are listed below.

​Energy efficiency - ​As one would expect from an energy company, energy efficiency ​is one of the key components of the strategy. The report shows how by the end of 2017 Consumers Energy will have installed 1.8 million new upgraded meters across Michigan. The smart meters empowers consumers with more control over their use of energy, helping them reduce energy use and cut emissions.

Clean air - ​The company has also taken steps to ensure cleaner air for all. In 2016, it closed down seven of its coal-fired generating plants. It also completed installation of its Air Quality Control System (AQCS) at its Campbell and Qarn facilities. It helps filters and capture pollutants before they escape the stacks. It also purchased a natural gas​-​generating plant in Jackson and it is upgrading its natural gas infrastructure.

Eco transport - ​EV drivers have also been incentivized by the company as it offers time-of-day rates, including a 10 cents rate per kilowatt-hour for charging their vehicles at off-peak hours. Customers can also recharge their plug-in EVs at more than 500 public charging stations around Michigan.

Emissions goals - ​Besides, the company has achieved its voluntary goal to reduce carbon emissions by 20 percent, nearly a decade ahead of requirements set by the federal government.

Water - ​Consumers Energy has also met a voluntary 2016 goal to reduce water use intensity at its steam electric plants by 17 percent and now has set a 20 percent goal for 2018.

Wildlife - ​Land management is also part of the company's green agenda. As one of Michigan's largest landowners, it works to protect a wide range of wild life such as peregrine falcons, osprey, trumpet​​er swans, bluebirds, bats and bald eagles. The Kam plants features a raptor flight pen, in operation since 1993, to care for injured birds from across the state.

​People - ​On the social responsibility front, Consumers Energy Foundation distributed $13.5 million to Michigan non-profits. Besides financial donations, more than 4,0000 employees have donated their time to doing good. On the diversity front, ​31 percent female ​of its ​workforce​ is female ​and 14 percent ​from a ​minority. Support groups, events and several initiatives ensure to create an inclusive atmosphere for all staff to achieve their potential.

To read the full report, follow the link.​​​

Image credit: Consumers Energy