C&S And U-Haul ​Support​ Forest Preservation ​Initiative​

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - In the US more than half of the forests the country harbors are "working" forests, the term used for forests that are explored as sources of timber and raw material for paper production. Despite their environmental and industrial services, these forests are also under pressure and experts warns that over 45 million acres of them are at risk of being converted for commercial and residential use.

That is one of the reasons that a US supplier is stepping in to help protect forestland in Success Pond in the northeast of New Hampshire in the US C&S Wholesale Grocers, along with U-Haul, have entered a partnership with The Conservation Fund and will kick it off by measuring and then offsetting a portion of their wood fiber use, covering pulpwood and cardboard paper products. In total, 8,700 acres will be spared, the companies calculate.

Through this partnership, U-Haul will be able to offset a percentage of the millions of boxes it sells every year. Meanwhile, C&S Wholesale Grocers will partially offset the wood used in many of the pallets it needs to transport grocery to its clients.

The partnership will help boost the efforts to preserve Success Pond, which already includes an estimated $3 million public-private partnership with support from USDA's Forest Legacy Program.

“Boxes used for packing and moving are essential to our customers and are thereby fundamental to our nation's mobility. We recognize that manufacturing boxes can have an impact on our nation's forests,” U-Haul International president, said in a statement. "Partnering with The Conservation Fund on the conservation of Success Pond Forest is another important step in reducing that impact by ensuring forests remain environmental and economic assets for the long-term and supporting a sustainable supply chain," he added.

The efforts to protect working forestland goes back to the late 1990s when the Conservation Fund created The Working Forest Fund for that purpose. It develops and implements sustainable forest management plan before returning forestland to private ownership or public agency stewardship. So far, the Fund says it has helped protect more than 400,000 acres, including forests in Maine and North Carolina.

This is not the first time that C&S Wholesale Grocers and U-Haul collaborate with the The Conservation Fund, but it is the first partnership focused on measuring and offsetting a portion of their fiber footprint.

The New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands will hold a conservation easement on Success Pond, which will lead to a more sustainable management of the area and will keep it open to public recreation. Fostering sustainable timber harvesting also helps keep 20 local and regional jobs for loggers, truckers, foresters, and road contractors and keeps mills in New Hampshire, Maine and Canada supplied with timber.

The preservation of the forest around Success Pond is part of the Mahoosuc Gateway Initiative, a broader conservation effort of 30,000 acres led by The Conservation Fund. It includes protection of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and working forestland in New Hampshire’s North Country region.

Image credit: C&S