Delos Invests in Health Technology Firm to Integrate Wellness into Built Environment

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – In the modern day, an average human being spends about 90 percent of the time indoors. This often leads to breathing of contaminated air and poses long-term health risks, apart from creating a significant disconnect with nature and its benefits.

To address this global lifestyle challenge, Delos, a wellness real estate and technology firm, has joined hands with Naava, a Finnish health technology firm specializing in the development of smart active green walls. Delos is making a strategic investment and collaboration with Naava to further its mission to transform indoor environments into spaces that promote human health and well-being.

Leveraging research performed by NASA, Naava smart green walls actively draw air through the root zone of the plant, reducing harmful organic compounds often found in indoor air. Delos has identified the potential of this technology to address numerous aspects of human health and wellness within the built environment.

Paul Scialla, founder and CEO of Delos said that the company is looking forward to introducing the smart green wall technology in the US market. Naava green walls are a visual statement that an organization is embracing health and wellness within the built environment from both a biophilic design and indoor air quality improvement standpoint.

According to Dr. Fraser Torpy, director of the Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group and professor at the University of Technology Sydney, the Naava system has an exceptional pollutant removal capacity. With the backing of Delos, this system has the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive indoor environmental quality.

Aki Soudunsaari, co-founder and CEO of Naava, said that the company’s vision is that by 2025, one billion people can choose to breathe Nordic forest air, everyday, everywhere. For the last five years, the company has been working on its unique Naava smart active green wall technology. Now with support from Delos, this technology can bring nature and fresh natural air inside offices, schools and homes in the US.

Delos intends to further work with Naava to determine the potential of the smart green wall against various airborne contaminants found within the built environment.

Source: 3BL Media