Do your Research Provides Job Opportunities

We’re seeing specific trends, which relate to job opportunities, which impact your employability and possible job direction. What I recommend is that you examine your values, interests and skills in the context of where our world is going and the trends that are upon us.

There are five major areas that we are seeing house new career focuses. What I encourage you to do is not only look at the job titles and industries but to also explore how those skills needed and being sought after can inspire and give direction to auxiliary careers.

The five categories are: science and technology, healthcare industry, business and finance fields, technical creative, and on the job physically focused service jobs which require technical training.

By examining the specific career trends and job titles you begin to see patterns that might give direction towards specific jobs that are a good fit for you. You may also gleam ideas for how you could serve and contribute to those industries. It’s important to both look specifically and globally at trends.

There are many promising job opportunities in all of these categories. Let’s talk about some of the job opportunities which are open to you. The category of science and technology is the fast growing occupation, a 72 percent growth in general a great deal more than the 10 percentage for biomedical. What is this telling us? That energy and money is moving towards this technical sector including jobs as a network architect to meteorologists. These careers are exploring the micro and macro arenas. Keep in mind this new field is hiring people to develop video games, computer/phone apps, computer software, or military missile system.

The healthcare industry is also expanding hiring people to do jobs beyond the common nurse and veterinarian. There are jobs that don’t require as much education as these, consider exploring being an x-ray or lab technicians. These healthcare jobs are also portable. Consider that many careers can travel with you, beyond your city, state and even country. Not only can you be paid for them but you can also volunteer in service with them.