Dr Pepper and KAB Collaborate on Socially Responsible Recycling Project

Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) has started the second year of its partnership with Keep America Beautiful to get consumers to recycle more. DPS has committed $300,000 help fund the placement of recycling bins within city, regional and state public parks across the United States.

“Enjoying a day at the park is an even better experience when there are recycling bins in convenient locations,” said Vicki Draughn, vice president of corporate affairs at DPS. “Our continued partnership with Keep America Beautiful is an important part of our commitment to foster physically active, engaged and sustainable communities.”

In the first of its implementation, the grant provided more than 700 permanent recycling bins that were placed in a variety of park settings, including athletic fields, neighborhood parks, walking trails and beach locations. In total, 33 grants were awarded to local and state governments in 23 states.

Applications for this year’s funding are open until February 11. State and local government agencies that deal with recycling activities in local, regional and state parks are eligible to apply.

According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), in 2011 Americans generated about 250 million tons of trash and recycled and composted almost 87 million tons of this material, or 34.7 percent of the total. On average, the country recycled and composted 1.53 pounds of individual waste generation of 4.40 pounds per person per day.

Image source: KAB