Earth Day: Being Green: Plant, Principles, & Profit. Where does your career fit in?

As we move into the most impactful and damaging time in human history for the planet we have the opportunity to choose a career and identify the role that our careers have in changing the outcome. Have you considered how Green your career path is? Do you reduce and reverse the impact of the harmful affects of global warming and environmental impact or do you contribute to it with your career?

In our series of Earth Day posts we are exploring how you and your life make a difference and how you can be a changemaker. To gain more insight on how far we have come check out the blog on Sustainable Living Earth. By being a changemaker you demonstrate leadership qualities that inspire and inform others. The greatest leaders are those who follow their passion and principles and who align their values with their careers. What a perfect time to ask yourself, “Are the career paths I am considering moving me closer to being an Eco-Stewart or further away?” Specifically I encourage you to check out the Corporate Responsibility blogs to determine what companies are on the path which you can join, and dive deeper into. I might suggest some specific green careers in the areas of energy efficiency, green business & finance, planning /policy and advocacy and sciences and engineering. Send me a message to get specific job titles you might be interested in. What careers are of interest to you?

What is important to realize is that the movement and focus of Earth Day is to encourage people to be informed and to choose this day that we can all agree upon which is that our living environment and its care is vital to all of our survival. This quote comes from our Justmeans Ethical Consumption section. If not you, then who? Choosing a career is about you, the planet and your principles. The best way I know to vote for what you believe in is how you spend your money. Our wallet becomes a vehicle for transformation and change. Why not consider your career path as an extension of how you spend your money? Stake your future earning potential on a movement that contributes to you, and the planet together. As mentioned by Ano Lobb in his recent post on being a better steward why not have it start with you now.

It’s valid to consider seeing the planet as your home and asking yourself how your career fits into that bigger picture of a just, sustainable and habitable planet. Where might your principles and dedication meet up with and partner with the principles of EARTH DAY? Part of serving the planet is choosing a career that contributes to the well-being and support of our planet earth. What are some directions and industries that do this? There are two ways to approach this. 1. Begin by finding a specific GREEN career job title or industry and explore how your transferable skills fit and contribute to that industry and/or 2. Take the career path or industry you are already in and ask yourself, “How can I use my leadership skills and make it more green or sustainable or just?” Both are effective each coming from different perspectives. Consider doing both and see what shows up.

As mentioned by Fredric Leherman in his Prosperity Consciousness series he speaks about coming HOME to ourselves, our planet and our community. He talks about it as Here on Mother Earth as a way to mention being HOME. As you come from this perspective it encourages us to link our prosperity, ethics and personal choices together to facilitate us in being more engaged as changemakers. A change is possible when one person stands up and is counted and is persistent and dedicated to a cause. Why not allow your cause to be ignited by Earth Day 2010? Tell us what yours is.