Ethical Suits!

Hello, JustMeans community. The ethical consumer needs your help. I need to buy a business suit. And given that I might need to wear said suit quite a bit in the near future, I'm thinking of investing in a high quality new suit, instead of just finding any old second-hand suit at a charity shop.

Now, in my eco-nutty past, I have researched many things: ethical jeans, shoes, bags, make-up. I've figured out how to make a scrubby out of an old orange bag, and I found out where my cell phone goes when I take it to an e-waste site. But never have I had to research ethical suits.

A quick Google search reveals that there are a couple of companies that make eco-friendly tuxes for weddings, but there's very little that I found business attire-wise. While there are a couple eco-friendly suits out there, they are mostly men's suits. I only found one woman's pantsuit made out of hemp, and it's not particularly attractive.

So, does anyone have any suggestions? Any suits made from organic materials and/or using ethical labor practices? If not, I have to say, I think ethical suits might be a good business opportunity. After all, there's a strong market out there for eco-friendly jeans, undergarments, and casual wear. It's only a matter of time before "green" suits take the business world by storm.