European Sustainable Biofuel Awards Presents Shortlist

Europe's largest congress and exhibition focused on biofuels announced the shortlist of award winners for the 2012 SustainableBiofuels Awards. The awards will be presented on day two (Wednesday 14th March) of the 7th annual World Biofuels Markets. The initiative is designed to recognize innovation in the development of truly sustainable and renewable fuels.

The awards cover ten categories, including biofuels leadership, technology, adoption, bioethanol, biodiesel, feedstock innovation, innovation in aviation, biopower generation, and bio-based chemicals. Among the companies nominated are Lufthansa (Innovation in Aviation), Novozyme (Biofuels Leadership Award) and Scania (Biofuels Adoption Award).

Besides, the "Green Shoots Award" is voted on by others in the biofuels industry to recognise peers “showing great promise and growth potential”. Voting is already open online.

"We had thousands of nominations from around the world and across the entire biofuels value chain, accordingly the shortlist represents the industry's finest," said Nadim Chaudhry, Chief Executive Officer of Green Power Conferences, organiser of the awards and conference. "These companies have shown the determination and innovation needed to create and implement changes to the status quo to meet growing global energy demands while protecting our environment."

The judges come from the top end of the industry and include Suzanne Hunt, Senior Advisor, Carbon War Room; Rob Vierhout, Secretary General, ePURE; Plinio Nastari, President, Datagro; Jim Lane, Editor, Biofuels Digest; Dr. Geng Anli, President, BioEnergy Society of Singapore; and Lola Una Cardenas, Chief Representative in the EU, Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association.

The final awards will be presented as part of the World Biofuels Markets, taking place between March 13-15, 2012 at the Beurs-World Trade Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The event is expected to draw more than 1,500 attendees from 80 countries and will feature 260 expert speakers covering a wide range of topics.

Image credit: 2012 Sustainable Awards